How to use the tech trends for your event

Technology plays more and more an important part of planning events, not only because it makes the process of planning the event easier but also because technology allows us to connect and reach more people. These are the event tech trends you should not miss out and we give you some ideas on how to use them for your event.

Drone Streaming

tech trend: drone streaming

Drones have been around us for a while now, they can be very useful when it comes to create new perspectives.

You can use drones to stream live from your event to Social Media channels such as Facebook or Instagram or film a video from your event. Drones enables you to film amazing perspectives from above from every angle. Another way to use drones for your event is as a safety camera if the event is a bigger one and you need a good overview of what’s happening.

Virtual Reality

tech trend: Virtual Reality

After the big hype of Pokémon Go probably everyone knows about virtual reality ( VR ). Some apps already exist to make 360 degree photos where you can see the whole surrounding from where you stand. 360 degree photos are very useful for the customer to get a better view and feeling of how a venue looks like.

Touchable Tech

tech trend: touchable technology

Touchable technology is appeals even more to the 5 senses. It starts from touchable screens to touchable holograms – wouldn’t this be an awesome extra to your event?

Which of those trends have you already tried out or would love to try out?

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