Guests from all over Europe, top notch meetings, a gala dinner with three singing acts and acrobatic entertainment, an international prize for architecture and a brand new event location praised for its restoration: the BigMat event had it all.


On November 2015, the French leader in the reselling of construction materials held its international convention in Berlin. Guests stayed at the Radisson Blu hotel where they also participated in a two-day meeting. After the meeting, participants took part in an interesting tour focused on Berlin’s new architecture and attended a welcome dinner at the Wasserwerk event venue.

After four days the program concluded with a gala dinner at the Bolle Meierei Festsaele, a former milk production facility that was very recently renovated. During dinner, guests have been enchanted by three entertainment acts, mixing a opera singer and an aerial silk acrobat. The highlight of the night was definitely the BigMat International Architecture Award ceremony, a coveted prize among architectural studios from around the continent.

At a glance

Kind of event
  • Meeting
  • Gala dinner
  • 400 pax
  • Radisson Blu Berlin
  • Wasserwerk
  • Bolle Meierei
Services offered
  • Meeting spaces
  • City tours
  • Gala dinner
  • Entertainment
  • BigMat International Architecture Award
  • Opera singer
  • Aerial silk dancer
Previous use of the locations
  • Water pumping facility
  • Milk factory