Qualities Of Great Event Planners

Being an event planner is an exciting job: you meet new people and get to see interesting places, but not everyone is made for this job. These are the qualifications you need to be a great event planner.

They are connected


Event planners are always reachable- except they are on the toilet, but you must be reachable for any case that might comes up and needs your fast solution!

They are up to date

Coming hand in hand being connected also means being up to date. This not only means for the event you are organizing, but also for event trends and what’s up in their area or even worldwide.

They can deal with high levels of stress


It can occur that you are organizing an event for months and right before your clients arrive, plans change. It can be anything, from changing the menu for 300 clients to changing the whole program. How would you deal with that?

They are highly service orientated

If you are in the service sector, you know the customer is king. No matter what issues might appear, a great event planner is always service orientated and looks for the best for their clients.

They are prepared. For everything.


All the points above are just summed up here: They are prepared. For everything. If you are well prepared, abrupt changes won’t surprise you too hard.

Do you think you would be a great event planner? Then contact us! We are offering exciting and challenging jobs!

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