The perfect venue helps convey your message without words: it connects the audience with the moment, with the environment and with your brand.


We believe it’s through engaging all our senses that our minds turn a message, an objective – into unforgettable memories. We are on a never-ending quest, crossing these Maltese Islands to hunt down the most intriguing, engaging and stunning venues for you to enjoy. We explore. We locate. We are trained to understand the space and how best to work it to achieve the results you want. We’ll propose, short-list, show you around and share our vision with you. We’ll assist you with all negotiations and contracts. We’ll help you locate the space in Malta that leaves your guests with beautiful memories, all neatly entwined with your objectives.

Our venue sourcing service includes:

  • Venue Sourcing and Negotiation
  • Site visits of the suitable venues
  • Perfect knowledge of venues throughout Malta & Gozo
  • On-site supervision of the venue from set-up to dismantle
  • Experience on the use of tens of venues from our past events
  • Calendar watch for corresponding events
  • Weather-watching by predicting the unpredictable with back-up plans all the way

Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.

Hazrat Inayat Khan